Tatiana The Dog Talks About Being Afraid

Tatiana The Dog talks about being afraid of things and people that are new to us.

Tatiana The Dog Talks About Naysayers

Tatiana talks about Naysayers and tells you the secret way you can slay them! Tatiana also shows off her new “look” …

Tatiana The Dog Talks About “The Alphabet of Being”

Tatiana The Dog is so excited to read an excerpt from The Alphabet of Being, written by Maja Milosavljević.

Visit Maja at http://www.TheSmilingSoul.com/blog

Tatiana The Dog Talks about Saving for the Earth

Tatiana talks about how she is saving money to help the Earth.  She also
introduces a few of her talking animal friends in this video.

Tatiana The Dog Talks about Asking for Help

Tatiana’s day just kept getting worse and worse.. until she was so frustrated and angry that she felt she wanted to take it out on somebody!

Tatiana the Dog talks about Losing Someone Special

Tatiana misses her German Shepherd brother who passed away. She talks about what she loved about him and the connection with him that she still experiences after his death.