Advice For Humans: How to be more productive

My advice? Sure, it feels good to be accomplishing things and checking off tasks on your “to do” list. But to be even more effective, remember to take a break and go OUTSIDE! The world out there is awesome. :)

Tatiana The Dog, a long-haired dachshund, with flowers in the background

Tatiana The Dog talks about Cookies for Grown-Ups!

Tatiana’s human mommy has been baking some wonderful cookies recently — and the wonderful smells have been driving Tatiana’s sensitive nose crazy!

Cookies for Grown-Ups by Kelly Cooper, photographer: Frank Anzalone

Tatiana The Dog Wishes You A Merry Christmas!

Tatiana The Dog Talks About Cell Phone Manners

Tatiana The Dog talks about cell phone manners — what do you think?

Tatiana The Dog Talks about Mercury Retrograde

Tatiana The Dog Has A Stuffy Nose!

Tatiana has a cold, but she still wanted make a video. Find out why!